Marks…… set……. go!

For regular Jump Lift Sprint readers, you already know exactly how much I love sprinting (click the link for some compelling reasons why you should be doing them!).

For the last year, myself and a friend have been hitting the sprint track together regularly. It started as us wanting to improve our sprint times and shake up our training a little.

Later on, a friend joined our sessions and two became three.

Soon after, three turned to four.

Our sprint sessions take place every Saturday morning, usually quite early. Being honest, none of us really enjoy waking up at that time (apart from my friend Kash who is like the Duracell Bunny when it comes to energy).

What compels us to wake up at 6-7 am when we don’t really have to?

For me, it’s not just about wanting to train (though I certainly do enjoy that). It’s also about spending time with people who push me harder than I would go alone, who can teach me new things, and who are at or above my level in some ways.

I’m lucky to have a good group of guys I connect with in this way. If you don’t currently have that, it can be as simple as finding a motivating training partner or friends who accept that you don’t want to get hammered at the club every weekend. Maybe it’s just a friend that always sends you links to fitness articles or videos on Whatsapp. That’s still good.

I’m not suggesting you cut off anyone who invites you out to a dessert lounge or isn’t into fitness. Having fun is important for your soul – it can’t always be about ‘clean eating’ and ‘hardcore training’!

Rather, I just want to emphasise how crucial your environment is in guiding the direction of your life.

Find your tribe.

In this little documentary put together by my friend Hussein (www.h-edits.com), we delve deeper into why we sprint.



Written by: I’m Mustafa Tahir, a born and raised Londoner who’s been mad into fitness and sport for as long as I can remember. Growing up I was a football (or ‘soccer’) junkie – now I’m a training junkie too. http://www.jumpliftsprint.com


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